Meet Petra

Profesionalna organizatorica za organizaciju doma Zagreb

Founder of Root of Joy, certified NLP practitioner, Zero-waste enthusiast, and Croatia’s first KonMari® consultant; a professional organizer who specializes in decluttering and organizing a home and workplace using Marie Kondo’s KonMari method. I am here to help you start making changes in your life.

Although I have a Master’s degree in Economics I was always drawn to psychology and after years of reading self-help books, therapy’s, hypnosis, and communicational workshops I came to a realization that I gain more in life the more I let go. With that in mind, I decided to grow myself new roots.

First came the sleeping root – what do I need to let go to sleep better? Then came the eating root – what is really on my plate? The root of exercise did not linger long behind and soon after came the Zero waste root – what am I leaving behind me in our nature? Then it was time for the financial root – in what areas can I let go of spending? Lastly came my belongings root and the famous KonMari Method® presented by the Japanese lady Marie Kondo.

Having to move twelve times throughout past years I learned how to adjust to different spaces and find best storage solutions but most of all I have learned that our relationship with our things is indeed special and deep. What items elevate me and make my life simple and what items make my life complicated.

Making a home and work place a serene ambience in a way that puts emotions instead of thoughts as a main cause of all our decisions in the day, blended perfectly with psychology and working with people.

My experience showed me that current state of all our roots on which we stand are the mirror of our current emotional wellbeing. When we turn inwards and honestly answer ourselves when we really mean “no” and when we really mean “yes”, the fate of all our other relationships will be authentic.


Profesionalna organizatorica za organizaciju doma Zagreb