How to organize a closet

Here are some general pointers for making the most of your closet space. Use whatever suits you the most because not all closets are created equally.

  • Fold as much as possible, preferably in drawers then in the boxes    
  • Items from komono category; off-season clothing, bags, hats, equipment for hiking and skiing, ornaments, and seasonal decorations are best stored in the upper cabinet
  • ·Linen is placed on the upper shelves, away from moisture and dust.    
  • The bottom is reserved for big items like suitcases or instruments and electrical appliances such as fans and heathers
  • If there are two people using the closet, make sure they each have their own place
  • Matching hangers do make a beautiful difference in your closet
  • ·Decorate the inner part of the closet, that space is similar to a room and should be seen as an extension of it.
  • ·If a drawer unit has many drawers, place the lightest in the upper drawer and the heaviest in the lower drawer.
  • If your shelf is particularly high, you can store two boxes of folded clothing, one on top of the other
  • Keep bra straps, ties or buttons in small boxes

Off-season clothes

The best solution is not to store off season clothes since we will either forget about it or settle for something else because it takes effort to bring it out. Given the abrupt weather change that is also becoming a necessity. If you do have to store it away, you do not need to make a lot of subcategories; simply group items that are similar together.