Shoes and clothes accessories ~ how to declutter and organize shoes and clothes accessories

1. How to declutter and store bags and purses

2. How to declutter and store scarves, hats and glasses

3. How to declutter and store hair accessories and jewellery 

4. How to declutter and store shoes

1. How to declutter and store bags and purses

a) Put out every bag you have and joy check which ones do you really love

b) For storing use bag in bag method – one inside of another

c) Cloth carrying bags can be folded

d) Store similar bags together

2. How to declutter and store accessories- scarves, hats, glasses

a) Lay them out in a pile and decide which ones will you keep.

b) Fold foldable, others in a box in the drawer or out in the open like a lovely store display.

c) Consider using boxes with compartments.

d) Hang the hats if possible. Beside the hooks behind the doors and in the closet, they make wonderful wall art.

3. How to declutter and store hair accessories and jewellery 

a) As a first step gather everything you own in one spot and see which items spark joy

b) For storing, use dishes such as glass or wooden trays for the ones you use every day making it a beautiful display. Use cosmetic bag or jewelry box for the ones you use for special occasions.

c) If there are numerous hair clips or elastic bands, divide storage spaces into divisions for each type of item.

d) If you have a hair tie that makes you happy but you never wear it, tie it to the neck of a hanger or transform it into a curtain tassel so you can still enjoy it.

4. How to declutter and store shoes

a) When decluttering, take the same steps as with the clothing: pile-forming and joy-checking

b) When storing, place them in categories (sandals, sneakers, formal shoes)

c) There are two ways to store the shoes: directly on a shoe rack or shelf in the closet, or first store them in their boxes before arranging them in the closet. It is preferable to line up the shelves without the boxes if you have enough space because the boxes take up extra room. However, this can also be an efficient method of storage if you can put more than one pair of shoes (such as beach sandals) in each box.

d) Since we lose a lot of height when using shoe shelves, try to have one taller shelffor boots (typically the first or final shelf) and other significantly shorter shelves. If that is not possible, Z-shaped inserts can be used instead.

e) Store the heaviest footwear on the bottom and rise to lighter things (sandals) on top

f) Make sure that each person has its own space