Natural homemade liquid soap

Kako napraviti prirodni domaći tekući sapun


Olive oil 455 g / 16 oz

Sunflower oil 400 g / 14 oz

Castor oil 45 g / 1,58 oz

Lye (Potassium hydroxide) 160 g / 5,64 oz

Distilled water 489 g / 17,25 oz

Distilled boiling water for diluting the soap at the end: 2194 g (77,39 oz) + 500 g (17,63 oz) = 2694 g / 95 oz

Superfat 5%


Step 1. Weight your empty pot (1194 g / 42.12 oz)

Step 2. Weight the oils in that same pot

Step 3. Weight the lye in separate dish

Step 4. Weight the distilled water in the third dish

Step 5. Slowly pour the lye into the water. Not the other way around, as this can evoke a strong reaction! Make sure you are doing this step close to an open window and remove your head away from the pot. Stir a few times with a plastic or stainless-steel spoon so the lye can dissolve in the water.

Step 6. Let the lye solution cool down between 30-50 C / 86-122 F

Step 7. Heat the oils up to the same degree as the lye solution. Deviation up to 8 degrees is fine.

Step 8. Pour the hot lye solution into the oils

Step 9. Mix for one minute then let it rest for ten minutes. Do this until you get the trace that looks like pudding. Approximately between 1 hour and hour and a half.

Step 10. Put the pot with soap in the bigger pot and fill the water to the level of the soap

Step 11. Cook for 1.5 – 2 hours. Stir occasionally and keep adding water to the big pot

Step 12. To see if it is finished, slowly try the soap with the tip of your tongue. If you feel something similar to electric shock it is not done. If you just feel the weird taste then it is done.

Step 13.

First option; store the larger amount of soap in the jar for later and dissolve smaller amount with water

Second option; dissolve all of the soap in the water

Step 14. Weight the pot with the soap and subtract the weight of the pot from the first step (2657 g -1194 g = 1463 g / 93.72 oz – 42.12 oz = 51.6 oz)

Step 15. To get the amount of water to dilute the soap, multiple the soap weight with 1.5. Set aside more water if needed. Slowly add 2194 g (77.39 oz) of boiled water, trying to not make a foam and leave overnight.

Step 16. Next day stir the soap until it is liquid and add more boiled water if needed up to 500 g / 17.63 oz

Step 17. Store in the carboy