Frequently asked questions

~ What is the difference between a Konmari consultant and a professional organizer?

KonMari consultant is a professional organizer that has a certificate and a license to work by KonMari method. That means that KonMari consultant went and successfully completed training, exams and workshops directly from Marie Kondo`s team.

The KonMari consultant is also listed on the official Marie Kondo website.

KonMari consultant will help you declutter and organize your home following KonMari method, about which you can read about more here. That doesn`t mean that KonMari consultant can only work using this method. KonMari consultant can also work as regular professional organizer, using traditional organizing methods.

~ What is the difference between tidying and cleaning? Do your services include cleaning?

Although I don’t offer cleaning as a service or as a part of my service, I always assist my clients in this way while organizing and applying the KonMari method. As for the difference, I feel there is no better explanation to this question than from Marie Kondo itself:

“Tidying is the act of confronting yourself; cleaning is the act of confronting nature. Tidying deals with objects; cleaning deals with dirt. Both are aimed at making room look clean, but tidying means moving objects and putting them away, while cleaning means wiping and sweeping away dirt. Clutter accumulates when you fail to return objects to their designated place. If the room becomes cluttered before you know it, it is entirely your wrong doing, in other words tidying up means confronting yourself. In contrast dirt does accumulate of its own record, it’s a law of nature that dust and dirt pile up, therefore cleaning means confronting nature. Tidying orders the mind while cleaning purifies it, because while you tidy you must think about what to discard, where to put etc. but while you are cleaning it is like meditation, you let your mind empty while hands do the work.”

~ What happens to the items I choose to discard?

First, we decide is it worth selling the item and if you have time for it.

Second, if your decision is to donate then I will provide you with a list of places where you can drop them off as well as online pages where you can post about your donation items.

Third, for items that are in no shape whatsoever to be used again, we will separate them for recycling.

Fourth, for the items that cannot even be recycled we will dispose the waste without harming the environment.

~ Will you make me throw things away?

Absolutely not, you can keep every item that is in your home if you like them a lot or if it is useful for you. Then we will organize them in the best way possible so you can easily see them and store back after the usage.

I will ask you tough a lot of questions if I see you are holding on to something due to fear or any other emotional reason that is not pure love, just so you can be aware that something else is going on under there.

~ How long is each session?

Ideally and most often, each session should be between 3-5 hours as this is physical and emotional crossing line for most people. Of course, that doesn`t have to be a case. My path crossed with ones who went over eight hours and with ones which two hours were maximum. Each of them is fine, we work at your pace and according to your schedule.

~ How should I prepare for the first session?

1. All you need to do is ensure that we can work without outer distractions and interruptions from your partner, kids and other family members including pets (if they are loud and jumpy)


2. Do not tidy before I come to see you. It is perfectly understandable that you want to tidy and clean your house before our meeting takes place. What you need to know is that I am not your guest, I am here to help you. The worst situation it is, the better for me and my ability to help you. You will throw your money and both of our time away if I don`t see the core problems in your home and your daily routines.


Although you might feel embarrassed, you need to know that your place doesn`t define you as a person. It only shows your current situation that happened because of various unquestionable reasons, and we will change it in a short time without any judgment on my part. Also, I will be taking before and after pictures that are just for you. Do not sell yourself short from visual proof of transformation and journey you are about to start.

~ Do we have to organize by KonMari method?

No, we don`t. KonMari method is not working for everybody and not a best method in some situations. Especially if you are short with time and need practical and fast solutions.

~ Should I buy organizational items before we start working together?

You don`t have to buy organizers or anything new storage wise. Storage is the last on our agenda and more often than not, you will not need much of it after we declutter excess items. I will also show you how to use the items you already have as great storage solutions.

~ What are similarities and differences between Minimalism and the KonMari method?

Although both methods have the same foundation and goal, which is to declutter the home, the difference is in the way of implementation. Konmari, in contrast to minimalism, suggests that you put everything in one pile and declutter in one go, all on the basis of the question “what remains”. With minimalism, you ask the question “what goes away”.

Through the KonMari method, you can keep 500 books if each one brings you immense joy. Minimalism advocates living with as few objects as possible, which would mean getting rid the most of those 500 books. Very often a minimalist, when he sees the final results of the Konmari Festival, still sees a congested space. That’s why it’s very interesting when people equate Konmari with minimalism, it shows us in what kind of consumerism we live in right now.

Also, minimalism asks “do you really need it?” while Konmari asks “do you really love it?” Minimalists often get rid of objects they love and objects that may be practical for them, in order to leave only those that are necessary for their life. There is nothing wrong with that, it just means that they need the empty space more and thus is at the top of their priority list. I don’t see them as two conflicting directions, more like two directions that offer you their advantages on a platter, and it’s up to you to choose things from one or the other. In any case, you will listen to yourself and your intuition.

~ In which areas does Root of Joy offer service?

I am stationed in Zagreb, Croatia. I travel to other cities and countries, in which case, expenses are covered by the client.

~ Is it possible to work with you virtually and if yes, does this affect our work?

Yes, absolutely and it does not affect our work. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages of virtual work like everything else, but not in the way that cannot be handled. Disadvantage is that I cannot help you physically when we are tidying and organizing, for example, cupboard, I am navigating you while you move items around. It is also harder for me not being next to you if things get overwhelmed, but then again, for some this is advantage, to take a minute for themselves without me being there.

Another advantage (for you) includes the fact that I can see only small part of the house on which we are working on, making you comfortable. Also, scheduling is very easy and flexible.

~ What are your working hours? Do you work on weekends and holidays?

I am open to work 24/7. It is perfectly understandable that for the most majority of population working hours are from Monday to Friday from 8/9h-16/17h, leaving only time for us to work before or after the work and on weekends. So, rest a sure, I will completely devote to your schedule. We can work early on the mornings before work, late at evening or on weekends and holidays.

I had clients from another time zone (virtual work) and for me it was magical to work with them over night! The only reason if I am not available is due to already scheduled appointment with another client.

~ Can we book you to talk about home organization, KonMari method or Zero waste lifestyle?

Yes, you can reach out to me if you would like me to share my experience with home organization, KonMari method or Zero waste way of live. Under contact page you can find a form, my email or phone number to contact me.