These are the services I offer to help you with, each of them is a root of your life. In which ever one you have the resistance we will deal with it accordingly. Although I recommend the KonMari® method by Marie Kondo for home and work organization, it is possible to declutter and organize following conventional methods or something between the two, all according to your wishes. You can find more details about the KonMari® method here.

Home organization

Decluttering and tidying – bringing back the harmony and safeness in your home, making relationship with our belongings exclusive and joyfull.

Moving – decluttering your home and saying proper goodbye while organizing and preparing your new space, as you turn over a new leaf in your life

Renovating – a guidance to best storage solutions a room/place can offer to keep your life as simple as possible.

Digital data organization

Out of sight is unfortunately not out of mind. The weight of digital clutter is equally blocking as the weight of tangible clutter but as with everything there are solutions to have a piece of mind and light of heart.

Work place organization

Creating literal space to gain creativity space for your ideas to blossom. Bringing back the balance between joy and necessities.

Zero waste consultations

Making your daily choices and products good for you as well as for others and for the environment. All my suggestions are vegan and cruelty-free (not tested on animals). We sleep a little better knowing that we protected everything around us as much as possible.

Personal finance and budgeting consultations

Showing you the power of one coin in a long run. Choosing experience over items as we came with nothing and we are leaving with nothing.