A welcome letter

unajmite organizatoricu doma ili ureda zagreb

Dear stranger,

Welcome to Root of Joy, please make yourself comfortable!

The intention behind this name is to grow your home and workplace new roots, those connected to the main root – our inner joy.


This root of joy is different for each one of us, so it can be thicker, thinner, expand in depth or width, and be associated with totally different things. Given that joy is often a very intimate and for each individual specific phenomenon, it is very important to listen carefully to what our intuition tells us while interacting with our belongings and everything else around us.

As the root itself knows best which substances are optimal for its plant, so we, whether we are aware of it at this moment or not, know deeply inside ourselves for each thing whether it is good for our home and life, or not. Very often though, at first, such a simple decision is actually too complicated for us because of too strong connection with the past, irrational fears for the future, more and more tempting but deceptive advertisements all around us and because of the frequent imagining of living in someone else’s stories.

In that sense, you may need my help.

With me, in addition to practical tips, you will learn how to listen, hear and feel the voice, or rather the rumble of your root of joy. Once you gather enough experience beside me dealing with the already existing clutter around you, you will later find that you will not easily allow things to emotionally blackmail you and enter your home and life lightly and contrary to your real desires.


Perhaps even more important experience that will happen is the one where you will also learn to accept and find happiness in the things which you currently do not like but for some reason you need to share your home and life with.


This is not by any means an easy journey, but it sure is the one well worth it.


A great teacher once explained the difference between happiness and joy: “Happiness is when you feel happy and good. Joy is when you feel everything, when one emotion is not better than the other one.”

Happiness is the sun. Joy is the sun and the rain. We need both even though we hate them in one time, and adore in another. Going through our work together there is no doubt that the rain will visit us, but we will be prepared this time with cozy book and tea to welcome it, as that is the only thing that the rain wants from us.


If you will need me, you will hopefully need me only once. I’m here to show you how to choose a direction and set a pace, and then the path is all yours. I will both happily and sadly wave you goodbye, but then again, that is what joy is all about.


unajmite organizatoricu doma ili ureda zagreb