How to make an emulsion – a natural makeup remover

Kako sami napraviti prirodni zero waste odstranjivač šminke

This home-made emulsion is natural, free from harsh chemicals, good for your skin, vegan and cruelty free and good for the environment, plus it’s even cheaper than regular makeup remover, especially when you purchase the ingredients in bulk. Another great thing is that you do not need any remover pads; all you need is clean hands and water!

Although you can clean your face with just oils and a little soap, some people find that having traces of oil closes their pores. The polysorbate 80 is emulsifier that comes in handy here, assisting the water in removing the oils.


Sunflower oil: 70 ml / 2.36 oz

Castor oil: 10 ml / 0.33 oz

Polysorbate 80: 20 ml / 0.67 oz


Step 1. Stavite sve sastojke u bočicu

Step 2. Protresite prije upotrebe, izlijte u suhe ruke (možete ih malo namočiti ako je emulzija presuha) i očistite lice