organizacija doma i ureda iskustva

“For the past several years, I have been trying unsuccessfully to complete the KonMari process in my home. Because of my ADHD, tidying is both more difficult and more essential for me than the average person. When my environment is cluttered (as it almost always was), my brain cannot focus on the task at hand. No matter how hard I worked, I just couldn’t seem to finish such a huge task! That all changed when I began working with Root of Joy. We met virtually since I live overseas, which made scheduling surprisingly easy and more flexible than we could have been in person.

I won’t pretend that this process was quick or easy. Many days, I have fallen into bed exhausted just to hit the ground running again the next morning. Examining every last thing you own really makes you confront your flaws and re evaluate your priorities. But that very process is what makes KonMari so special. The true magic of the method is not the visible results in your home, but the refinement that happens within.

I can say decisively that I would not have been successful in completing the process if it weren’t for Petra at Root of Joy. She held me accountable and gave unwavering support as I made a lot of tough decisions. She also knew the best order in which to tackle each category, and she taught me storage principles so well that I was able to organize some really tricky spaces without her help. A great KonMari consultant like Petra will never make a decision for you, but will guide you in evaluating for yourself what “sparks joy” and where in your home your cherished items belong.

I can now officially say that every item in my house has been thoughtfully chosen because it makes my life more beautiful or functional. Each of those items has a place where it belongs and is easy to put away. My home is now peaceful, joyful, and vibrant in a way I have never felt before, all thanks to Petra’s expertise.

Thank you, Petra, for helping transform my home!”

Jillian H., Dallas, Texas

“I thought my workspace where I keep my materials was tidy. But each time after taking something specific, I couldn’t get it back to the same place because … there was no more place!! And then the stacking starts again: remove everything from the shelf, put it back on the shelf … take some material, there is no place to put it back…and so, in a circle for years. As much as I wanted order, I didn’t have it.

One day I clicked on the Konmari method. Interesting stacking. It seems simple… Wow, we also have our own Konmari consultant – Petra. Should I call her or not!? Let`s do it! Why not, she can`t see me, or messy space during a phone call! I send Petra an e-mail and the answer arrived immediately! What now?! Alas, someone will enter my territory! Petra enters the space: she watches and enjoys! I am terribly ashamed! Shine in her eyes, a smile on her face! She already started to organize! Let’s go! We took everything out of place … and it was a lot! Her first question confused me, but also somehow freed me … There were questions, answers … delight, joy, enjoyment… It lasted for days (and nights), but it was worth it!!

The sewing space is now wow – everything arranged by categories, designs … just beautiful!! Everything visible, easily accessible … but I couldn`t get back to sewing. Because, how to work while the whole house is in a huge mess? The whole family started tidying … and after a month of almost daily work, only the things that are in use remained in the house.

I started sewing again two months after the arrival of Petra, to whom I sincerely thank, and to others who do not know how to start tidying, stacking … I recommend Petra, a young woman who encourages so much, but lets the person do at their own pace, and then the journey starts with a smile. Once you get to know Konmari method, you keep applying it in other areas of your life. Thank you for stepping into my workspace! It was worth it!

Dear Petra, thank you!!!”

Cif rukotvorine, Zagreb, Hrvatska

“At first, it seemed to me that the whole process was too much for me and my goal was just to organize the kitchen using the Konmari method. The idea of finding a place for everything in the house and respecting that place seemed like something wonderful but unattainable. The Konmari festival was physically and emotionally exhausting but the award was above all expectations. Now when I see my living space from the entrance, I feel the freshness and lightness that was not there before. Every return home is a return to the most beautiful place in the world. Today, I enjoy a lot more the process of choosing the details for my home, which make my home mine. Furthermore, establishing order in the kitchen created an environment in which I could make fundamental changes in my diet and develop a new relationship with food and meal preparation.”

Jelena J., Zagreb, Hrvatska

“Although I am always sceptical of anything unconventional, Petra left me without arguments in a few hours. With her extremely cheerful and positive attitude, she proved to me that every object can find its place in the house. The biggest difference is that my house is no longer only organized at first glance but also behind closed cabinet doors, shelves, or closed drawers. A seemingly plain cardboard box turned the messy interior of the closet into a functional and neat closet, and the kitchen seemed more spacious than before because there was nothing left on the work surface. With Petra’s help, within a week I fully accepted this way of organizing the home and started implementing daily her tips for a tidier and more functional home but what made me even happier was the fact that my husband and son also started to participate in this way of tidying up.”

Josipa A., Zagreb, Hrvatska

“The Konmari method with Petra was a completely new experience. I finally got rid of the excess unnecessary things that I would probably never got rid of by myself. It is very different when you have a person next to you who knows what questions to ask to get at the bottom of the matter. The closet and bathroom were finally organized leaving excess space even six months after organizing. I recommend the Konmari method to everyone, especially if you have a person next to you like Petra.”

Vikttoria A., Zagreb, Hrvatska

Petra is a very self-effacing and unobtrusive advisor on how to minimize items and stuff in the apartment. She subtly gives hints, all of which are thoughtful and in my best interest. It is such fun to work with Petra and I shall invite her again. Besides she promised to send me a written “to do” list of my next steps and where to find help in other areas that needed to be changed (carpenter, stylist…) and she did. My full recommendations!

Jerina M., Zagreb, Hrvatska